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Tamarind: Making Filipino Food More Unique

A tamarind is known in Filipino as sampaloc.  This is considered to be an important Filipino recipe ingredient.  Although the Tamarind tree originated in India, the tamarind has populated the various regions in the Philippines because of its unique taste.

Other cultures also use tamarind as common ingredient in recipes and can be found in products such as Worcestershire sauce.

Tamarind can be used in either of its form.  The unripe fruit is acidic and tart and is used in savory dishes.  The ripe fruit is used as a dessert and in sweetened drinks.

Soups use tamarind as a base and this is what gives sinigang its sour flavor.  Different candies are also made with tamarinds which are available in Filipino marketplaces.

The length is from three to eight inches of a typical tamarind.  The color of the pulp turns reddish-brown when the pods ripen.  Tamarinds are great components of Filipino cuisine.

Ube: A Filipino Food

Ubes, or purple yams, are commonly found in Filipino kitchens.  The violet-colored yams are used in different kinds of recipes.  They make cakes have a pleasant-looking violet color.

Experts in yams can differentiate the true Filipino ubes from those that are not.  The former has darker skink while the latter has lighter ones.

Some confuse yams as potatoes but it should not be.  Some think that purple Peruvian potatoes are yams. 

Filipinos are fond of preparing halayang ube as one of the most common ube recipes.  These combine milk,  ube, egg yolks, better, and powdered ube.

Ube balls are another great ube recipe that includes mashed ube, condensed milk, cornstarch, and water.  Low heat is used to warm the ube and condensed milk. 

Cornstarch and violet food coloring are added when the mixture is somewhat warm.  The mixture is stirred constantly until the mixture thickens.  The cooling of the mixture is the signal that it can be separated from the pan.

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Some Tips For Removing Your Double Chin

Ever look in the mirror and just grab at the fat under your chin and wish you could just pull it away? For thousands of people across the globe, this is exactly how they feel when they wake in the morning and look at themselves in the mirror.

While grabbing their face fat they wonder how to lose face fat and double chin and wonder if it is even possible without spending countless hours in the gym. Just the thought of sweating hour after hour and day after day can make people not to even want to think about their face fat.

Luckily there are plenty of ways to lose that face fat and it mostly involves the use of face exercises and a diet high in fiber, vegetables, and water and very low in carbohydrates and red meat. Just by spending twenty minutes per day on face exercises and drinking ten glasses of water can give you a head start on losing the face fat.

Everyone loves chipmunks. They are so cute and cuddly, and the way they hide food in their cheeks is always something that makes people giggle. Chipmunks are known for their chubby cheeks, and people love that about them. But are chubby cheeks something that people want to see in other people? Usually the answer is absolutely not.

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